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Norwegian Prima's 'Indulge Food Hall' Has Our Stomachs Growling

Much has been made of Norwegian Cruise Lines' new vessel, the Norwegian Prima, since it set sail this August. Among the amazing amenities guests have been gabbing about, many are in love with "Indulge Food Hall", a high-concept dining area that has many "food trucks" serving various cuisines. But what can you actually get there?

Alyssa, aka @fearlessfreedomtravel on TikTok, recently sailed aboard the Prima herself. The Indulge Food Hall was a favorite of hers, and she gave us a closer look at our options in there!

This food hall seems to encompass everything we like from high-quality cruise ship cuisine- it's fun, exciting, customizable, and quick. Plus, this isn't a speciality dining experience- all of this comes included with the standard cruise fare! The food certainly looks enticing from the glimpses we got, from the creamy gnocchi to the gorgeous cakes in their cases. We're not ashamed to admit that our mouths were watering!

We were curious about the options in there- she mentioned a few of the highlights of her experience there, but there was clearly a lot more that we didn't see. So, we looked into the ship itself to see what we could find. Apparently, there are 11 venues in the food hall over all, and their themes are: noodles, Indian, grill & rotisserie, Mexican, tapas, soups and salads, BBQ, an ice cream venue, two different dessert venues- and of course, a Starbucks. You'd be hard-pressed to get bored of the offerings in the Indulge Food Hall- to say nothing of the other dining experiences on board, too!

While the cuisine is only a factor of what makes any trip great, it's a crucial one. The quality of the food can make or break a cruise easily. As far as the Prima goes, though, we think its safe to say that its guests will be impressed! 

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