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Couple Goes on a 'Food Crawl' at JFK Airport and We're Pretty Impressed

If you've ever gotten to the airport super early for your flight or had a long layover, you've probably struggled with the dilemma of where to go to grab a bite before you fly. It's tricky to find a place that tastes good, doesn't take too long, and isn't too expensive.

Si and Lauren of the TikTok account @consumingcouple are major foodies. When they had time to kill waiting for their flight out of Terminal 4 in JFK International Airport, they decided to do what they do best: go on a "food crawl" and try out the culinary options available in their Terminal. Here's what they found:

Honestly, we're surprised they even had room in their stomachs for all that food, it looked like a lot! Unsurprisingly, it cost a fortune, too- that's airport food for you. The 1850 speakeasy was our favorite part of their food crawl, though. It looked like a nice place to escape the hustle and bustle of the airport for a bit.

"Is Centurion Lounge free drinks and food?" asked @seeomm. "It is! But the credit card fees for free access are around $550 per year," responded @consumingcouple. Eesh... definitely a perk for frequent fliers at least. "I love Shake Shack... but I'm never eating it before a flight... dangerous...😳," worried @robaldeenyo. LOL, we agree that this couple is braver than we'd be!

Some who were familiar with JFK gave their own recommendations. "Oddly enough the best thing to have at The Palm is the chicken parm!" advised @lilixtravel3. "That speakeasy slaps," agreed @wishbonekitchen.

While each airport has its own unique offerings, if you're flying in and out of JFK anytime soon, now you know a bit more about some of the food options available to you there!