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Woman's Story About Boarding a Plane With a Nut Allergy Reminds Us to Always Be Prepared

If you or a loved one are severely allergic to nuts, you know how scary living with it can be. Even the smell of it in the air can trigger anaphylaxis in some people. People dealing with severe allergies have to constantly be vigilant anywhere they go- they never know when they might be exposed.

Danielle Price, aka @danielle.shesfun, vlogs about living with a severe nut allergy. In this video, she talks about a positive experience she had with preboarding her plane, and why it's important to advocate for yourself when you have an invisible disability!

First, we're glad that she had a good experience with her gate agent, though we're sorry to hear that previous ones had been difficult. The gate agent being helpful and making sure that Danielle had everything she needed ensured that Danielle would be safe and that the flight would go smoothly. And because Danielle was able to board early, she was able to avoid coming into contact with a high-risk allergen (presumably, she flew with an airline without assigned seating). This is why it's important to advocate for yourself and for staff to listen when you have an invisible disability- preboarding may have saved her from a life-threatening case of anaphylaxis.

Others who lived with severe allergies asked for advice. "When booking your ticket do you write on there you have a nut allergy? Or how do you notify them you have an allergy and need to preboard?" wondered @themissmeliss_. "Yes I mark I have a severe allergy. But to get PB I have to go to the check-in counter to request it/get my ticket re-printed" Danielle responded.

"Is the preboarding with your allergy to check the area? It’s great that they offer this," asked a curious @wayfarersmind. "Yep! To pick a seat that has no crumbs & wipe down the seat & talk to the attendants" Danielle explained.

People praised Danielle for speaking plainly about this issue and enlightening them: "My son has severe food allergies and I didn’t realize this was an option — thank you for sharing!" thanked @littlewendyy. If you deal with severe allergies too, preboarding may help give you better peace of mind.