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Woman's Warning About Tourist Scam in Florence Serves As an Important Reminder

One thing that tourists always need to stay vigilant about are scams. No matter where you go in the world, there will always be crooked con artists who use tricks to try and weasel money out of unsuspecting victims, and tourists, being unfamiliar with the area and local scams, are often the victims of these ruses.

One way you can prepare as a tourist is to look up places before you go and see what the common scam practices are and the red flags to look out for. User @kacierose4 made this informative video describing a scam she encountered in Florence, Italy. She tells tourists what to look out for and how to handle it if a scammer tries to pull this one on you!

Man, that's a really dirty trick. However, it sounds like the best thing to do is just to stay resilient and say "No," to the scammers... or if they won't let up, mention walking over to the police! As @kacierose4 mentions in the description, "I literally saw one of them getting arrested the other day for it 😳😅." Clearly, there are consequences if they get caught, so simply referencing the police should be enough to shut them up!

Law enforcement in the area does attempt to be vigilant about the issue, but that doesn't stop it from happening. One user shared their story in the comments: "We had a police officer in Florence tell us all about every scam. No sooner did we watch someone get scammed. We told the lady to walk away."

Some of the comments clued readers in on other common scams, too. User @countgrakula said "There are guys that put stuff in your hand and then ask for money. just set it on the ground or ignore them lol." Another, @jilliangaspard, recalled this anecdote: "I had the guys in St Mark's Square give me seeds for the birds then demand money. I told them if they wanted to get paid, they should have collected the money up front. I said it's not my fault they're bad "business men"." LOL!

This painting scam is not limited to Florence. The video's creator adds in the comments, "This scam and others like it happen everywhere, not just Florence, so just be aware!!" Make sure to be alert and read-up before you go on any trip, so that you can stay safe from scams!

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