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Video of Cars Stuck on Flooded Interstate Near Denver Is No Joke

If you've been keeping up with the news out of Colorado recently, you may be aware that the Centennial State has been undergoing some freakish weather conditions. Just last month, there was a hailstorm in Estes Park, CO, that was so severe it covered the ground just like snow!

Unfortunately for drivers in the Denver area, it seems that inclement weather has struck again. TikTok user @youcancallmekait had to make an emergency stop while traveling on I-70 West near Denver. Why? Because the highway was partially flooded, leaving several cars half-submerged!

Holy cow! This is shocking! This level of flooding in a mountainous region is something you don't see every day. We were surprised at how slow the first responders were to arrive... were they tied up helping at another flooded region of the highway?

The story has a happy ending though, which @youcancallmekait expounds on in the comments: "I’m okay! We were stuck for two hours before the water was low enough for us to get through. 11 people rescued but everyone is okay!!!" We're just glad nobody was hurt.

What's even more shocking is that this section of the highway is brand new! "That is a brand new highway there too, stellar drainage," snarked @alexgalkin05. "Took them 3 years to finish and they must of forgot to add drainage 😭😂," said @cheesemuffinqueen. Three years just for this, that's a shame! "I just wanna have a talk with the civil engineers responsible for this 😳" the video's creator replied in the comments.  We're right there with her!

If you're driving on I-70 West any time soon, take care, and don't drive through deep water! If you do, you may end up like those poor souls whose cars got stranded!