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Woman's Viral Video of Flooded Cruise Ship Has People Freaking Out

Yeah this is the last thing you want to see on a cruise.

While some people definitely have (understandable) fears of going out into the middle of the ocean, for others, it's hard to find a vacation more relaxing than a cruise. You get to eat yummy food, see beautiful beaches, and relax by the pool — what's not to love? 

But like any other vacation, even cruises can involve some major issues, and after we've seen this video from @adrienne_marie_1 on TikTok, we can assume that her Carnival cruise was not relaxing whatsoever. According to her, she (and the rest of the passengers on the cruise) woke up to discover that the ship was flooding... which isn't exactly reassuring!

We really can't imagine what everyone must have been thinking when they opened their cabin doors to discover water rushing down the hallway... and honestly, the Titanic music playing in the background really made this video for us.

For those looking for a bit more information, fortunately, the original poster came back with a second part. She included even more footage from the flood, and we cannot understate what a mess this truly is. Aside from the ship itself being damaged, what about the damage to everyone's stuff?! 

In the end, everyone was okay, and the OP said they "had a blast" despite the circumstances. 

Here's hoping we never end up on a cruise ship with this kind of issue. That's not a wakeup call anyone wants to experience!