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Totally Flooded Parking Lot in San Francisco Bay Area Is Just Wild

While most of California was lucky enough to have avoided the worst of the winter storms that hit around Christmas, that luck unfortunately seems to have run out. San Francisco's Bay Area was hit hard with heavy storms and flooding around New Year's, and things haven't let up. Just last night, San Francisco was hit again by a massive "bomb cyclone" storm.

San Francisco's residents are reeling at the catastrophic effects of these storms. The @abcnews7bayarea TikTok account shared footage of a San Carlos parking lot flooded on New Year's Eve.

This is seriously shocking, especially for San Francisco, a city that typically has pretty mild weather and few major storms year-round. However, weather conditions have been unprecedentedly severe all over the country this winter, and sadly San Francisco would not be spared from this trend. That water looks to be several feet deep and moving fast- which is especially dangerous for anyone caught in it. Though this footage is a few days old, the Bay Area isn't out of the woods yet, as storms and flooding continue to ravage the area. 

Though serious storms are relatively uncommon over there, San Francisco is vulnerable to serious floods when they do occur. "...It’s the entire hydraulic system and drainage inlets/pipes being old not able to carry this huge volume of water," explained @seanlqqking. Problems with effective drainage likely contributed to the flooding that affected Las Vegas last fall, too. The flood waters are never clean, either... "I live on the edge of Sac Metro area and I can’t imagine all the fecal matter that is swirling around between Sacramento and San Francisco right now," remarked @sean.constantine. Eurgh...

Commenters were also frustrated by the fact that these stores had workers still inside, despite the several feet of flood water swallowing their cars. "The way these ppl are still forced to go to work at these locations and now have no way home," angrily remarked @marissamaciasss. In light of the severity of weather conditions these past few days, we hope more non-essential businesses will make the right choices and put their workers' safety first as the next round of storms hits.

Hopefully, the storms will ease up on the Bay Area soon so they can recover from the several-day onslaught. Till then, we hope for the safety of everyone within the affected area right now. 

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