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Mom's Kind Gesture Toward Flight Attendants on Every Trip She Takes Is Melting Hearts

Aww... We love this so much! A random act of kindness sure gives the mind, body, and soul a dose of goodness! This mom is ever so thoughtful, and it's truly priceless to see how her good-natured gesture to show her appreciation toward flight attendants really does make a difference. 

We'd like to send a huge thank you to TikTok creator @moneyfitmoms for sharing this video with us! Just wait until you get a load of what this woman does for every flight attendant on board her plane. Our world needs more warm-heartedness and generosity like hers!

Isn't this an incredible idea? This wonderful, thoughtful, and inspiring mom gifts the flight attendants a Starbucks gift card and yummy chocolate treat EVERY time she boards a plane. We seriously LOVE HER! And honestly, we might consider doing this on an upcoming flight. Given how many rude passengers the flight crew has to deal with, can you even imagine how much they appreciate a little extra kindness?

People who watched the clip loved it as much as we did. TikTok user @superstar9055 declares, "She’s amazing!! As a former flight attendant, I wish I had her on one of mine😂." Another commenter, @pick8675 added, "That is so incredibly kind! I’m a flight attendant, and sweet gestures like this are so appreciated!" Then there was @sadiesmommie, who simply stated "Your mom is an angel ❤️😇." It's overwhelmingly clear that kindness and love ALWAYS wins! 

Siri says the definition of kindness is: "the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate." Well, this mom's picture absolutely belongs next to this in our opinion!  It's human beings like this who confirm that there are fantastic people the world. (If only we had a few more like her.)

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