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Flight Attendant's Joke About Flights to and From Vegas Makes Us LOL

Flight attendants are the real soldiers of travel, they have to deal with so much! From unruly passengers to flight delays to spending days away from home, it's not the career for everyone. Of course, plenty of flight attendants truly do love their work, and they can't resist poking fun at some of the things they encounter in the air. 

In a video that was shared on TikTok by flight attendant @nicksfromdetroit, she shows the difference in her job duties depending on if she's flying in or out of Las Vegas, and it's just too funny! We are cracking up! 

Haha, this is too good! We can only imagine the sheer chaos the flight on the way to Vegas is verses the calmness on the way out of Vegas, when everyone is hungover (and broke). People can relate hard to this TikTok, like user @themuggle0, who said, "You are not lying 😂 I’ll take a water please 😅". LOL after Vegas, we wouldn't be able to even say the word alcohol for a very very long time. However, some folks disagree and want to keep the party going. One commenter, @aliciaborer0, said, "I drink on the way home every time! haha" OMG. Hair of the dog, am I right?

The Vegas flight etiquette is something so specific but so hilarious to those who have experienced it. No matter whether you win or lose at the slots, one thing's for sure, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas -- unless you happen to get captured on TikTok on the ride home.

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