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Video Showing 'Flight Attendant Shoe Evolution' Has Us Totally Cracking Up

This is true no matter what your profession!

Think of what you used to wear in your early twenties. A lot of what was in your closet (including your work wardrobe) probably seem impractical for your daily life now — or at least to too uncomfortable to continue wearing on a regular basis! Many of us who were once loyally wearing heels to work every single day at the start of our careers have evolved into wearing flats. It is what it is! 

Flight attendants certainly relate to this phenomenon, but with one caveat: Many airlines require them to wear heels with their uniform, which we can imagine leads to pretty painful feet at the end of a long flight! But as flight attendant @dalmitahernandez shared on TikTok, there's definitely an evolution of what "heels" means to people as they get older. 

Even those of us who aren't flight attendants know what she's talking about! 

On one of her recent flights, she shared an example of the different heels her coworkers on board were wearing and how they corresponded to their ages. Just like we predicted, the attendants in their twenties are wearing legit heels... and then those heels get shorter and shorter until we see a flight attendant in her sixties wearing a pair of loafers that barely have a heel at all.

Hey, if the airline says they count, they count! 

Plenty of people commented to commiserate, including those in fields like retail who have been through the same struggle.

"Can 100% confirm this. My Mom has been a flight attendant for 45 years. She got those old lady shoes," one commenter wrote.

There's no shame in the "old lady" shoe game. At some point, comfort is king!

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