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Flight Attendant's Totally Epic Safety Demonstration Is Going Viral

The safety demonstration that flight attendants give right before takeoff can get repetitive for those of us who are regulars to flying commercial. Although this is an extremely important measure that all flights have to take, it can become background noise. But thanks to one particularly animated flight attendant, a group of passengers couldn't help but pay attention to what he had to say.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @noticenews, it shows the, flight attendant, who has decided to put his own spin on this mundane procedure. Humor can go a long way in getting people to remember to do something, and this person does just that. All we can say is, if every member of every flight crew had this much spunk, flying the friendly skies would be even more appealing. His performance is nothing short of epic! 

LOL! This HAS to be Southwest. It's really no surprise that this over-the-top safety demonstration is going viral and cracking people up. People who watched the clip agree that this guy is seriously our new hero. One commenter, @tamteewhi13, said, "He needs to be on all flights and teach this as a class. He’s awesome!!!" Can you imagine if all flight attendants were able to show a bit of personality while on the job? That would be an amazing addition to traveling for both passengers and attendants. 

People also agree that this will have everyone remembering how to inflate their life jacket in times of emergency. Like user @treasuresglambar_ noted, "I would def pay attention cause I don’t be paying attention." What we wouldn't have given to be traveling on that flight that day! LOL! 

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