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Flight Attendant Perfectly Nails What It's Like Watching Passengers Board

They really have seen it all.

No matter how often you travel, there's a good chance your stories will simply never live up to the ones that flight attendants tell after years on the job. Flying makes people behave in a way that they might not in other situations... and not always for the better. We know they must have seen some things.

And if you've ever wondered what it's like to watch people board a plane from an employee perspective, this TikTok video from flight attendant @hollyday.everyday will cure your curiosity. If nothing else, it's reminded us once again how truly important it is to be friendly to those who work at an airline! 

The video mostly involves this poor flight attendant telling everyone "hello" and "good morning" while they walk past her to board the plane... and she's getting ignored in several different ways. Some people don't look up from their phones, others are bold enough to give her a dirty look simply for talking to them, and then, it gets worse. Like someone asking her to take their trash for them. Uh, that's what trash cans are for? 

In the comments, she said that people actually interacting with them politely or thanking the flight attendants and the pilot on the way out of the plane is a "rare occurrence these days," which is a bummer to hear. What happened to common decency? 

Fortunately, there are some good people in the word, according to the comments on the video. 

"I always make it a point to say hello when boarding and thank you when leaving. Why is it so hard for people? They're the same ones who just stare at the waitress when she greets the table," one person wrote. 

No matter how tired or stressed you might be when you fly, always remember that flight attendants (and other airport and airline workers) are people, too. Smile and say hi — thanks to this video, we know that we might be the only ones to treat them like human beings that day.