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Flight Attendant Shares Random 'Low-Key' City Where She Loves Having a Layover

As part of their job, flight attendants get to travel all over the country- some, even all over the world! With so many opportunities to see many of the world's most famous cities, you'd think flight attendants would be excited to visit these places. However, sometimes, a flight attendant's favorite place for a layover is where you would least suspect.

Flight attendant @noellecors is super excited. Why? Because she's back in a small city she fell in love with on a layover once- and we bet you won't guess where!

Yep- of all the places in the world, the city she pined for another layover in was Omaha, Nebraska. Why? She found a restaurant she fell in love with, she enjoyed their nice downtown area- the town just charmed her! And isn't that how it often is with traveling- sometimes, the places that get to you the most are ones that you wouldn't expect. For many of us, Omaha might seem an unusual place to get excited about, but it clearly struck a chord with Noelle. We're glad to see her back in one of her favorite layover spots!

Noelle's love of smaller cities resonated with a few of her followers. "Knew it was going to be Omaha. I love it there!" affirmed @rod. "Small cities are under appreciated! I love Omaha, Des Moines, Sioux Falls, Oklahoma City, even Bismarck and Cheyenne," agreed @dhriscerr. "I knew it was going to be Omaha. I lived downtown for several years. It’s a great spot. What restaurant?!" @nurseashley33 inquired.

We also wanted to know about this incredible restaurant ourselves, and Noelle was happy to share: "Block 16! Just posted a video about it." Based on what we can see from the follow-up video, where she tried her favorite items from Block 16, it may just be worth the hype. But don't take our word for it- see it for yourselves:

Dang... we might need to schedule in a layover in Omaha the next time we fly!

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