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Woman Enlists Flight Attendant's Help to Try to Make a Love Connection and We're Invested

Say you've just gotten seated for your flight and you're settling in, when you look up and spot the most gorgeous person ever sitting a couple rows in front of you. They're just your type and you wanna go for it- but you don't wanna be weird either. Do you let the opportunity for a meeting pass you by... or do you shoot your shot and see if they're into it?

This is actually the exact situation that TikTok user @christinesalvia found herself in on a recent flight, and she took the latter option. Enlisting the help of a flight attendant, she managed to get a note with her number up to a gorgeous-looking guy seated a few rows in front of her. She teased her story about this encounter here:

That's all?! Oh no, you gotta give us more than that. Where's the rest of the story? We weren't the only ones who were hungry for more, either. "I need a part 2, 3, 4 and however long it goes," pleaded user @bridgetyoungs. "I AM INVESTED," said user @anna333anna333.

At the time of this article's writing, this video is only 17 hours old, and @christinesalvia hasn't shared any follow-ups with us yet. However, we can glean a couple things from the video's description: "Greg if you ever see this. You’re an 11/10 & thanks for walking me out to my moms car with my luggage." OK, so, 1: our mystery man has a name, and 2: he walked with her all the way out to her car...with her luggage? Oh yeah, there's definitely more to this story.

If you're curious to see where things go, follow @christinesalvia and ask her for an update too... we'd love to see where the story goes!