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Flight Attendant's Kind Gesture Toward Woman Traveling Alone Is Almost Unheard Of

We wish this happened more often!

Traveling alone can be a bit of a bummer sometimes, especially if it means being bored on long flights. But sometimes, it can actually be really nice. Having all that time to yourself, not having to worry about sticking to anyone else's schedule — and, of course, there might even be a better chance of an upgrade since you're just one person traveling alone.

That's exactly what happened to this traveler, and after seeing her video on TikTok, we are totally jealous. It's rare to get an upgrade this good, but it happened for @moremileswithmia.

She wrote, "so I was just chilling in my seat, minding my business, all the way in the back of the plane... when suddenly one of the flight attendants comes up and whispers in my ear, 'I see you're traveling alone. Would you like to move to a more comfortable seat perhaps?' And she proceeded to seat me in an entire empty row right before first class." 

She showed off her cushy new seat, and we'd say she definitely got a major upgrade — especially since she didn't have to sit next to anyone! Having a whole row to yourself is basically like winning the airplane lottery, but having a row to yourself in a higher class is extra special. 

Something that really makes this story better is the fact that she wasn't expecting it to happen. Somehow, these things are always more special when they're a total surprise.

We hope she enjoyed her flight! Upgrades like this are rare, but who knows? It might be us next time!