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Flight Attendant's Hotel Room Safety Routine Is Going Viral

Safety is paramount when traveling, especially when you're staying in an unfamiliar place. As nice as some hotels are, there have been incidents of hotel robberies, people staying behind in hotel rooms to accost the next guest, and worse. To develop good hotel safety habits, we should look to people who travel frequently for advice.

Being a flight attendant, TikTok user @lifestyledbyerie travels a lot for her job. She's developed an incredible safety routine for checking into new hotel rooms that's going viral on TikTok.

This is seriously savvy, especially for solo female travelers. We're sorry to hear that Erie has experienced incidents like attempted break-ins firsthand, but we're also grateful that she's sharing the wisdom she's gained from her experience to help other travelers stay safe. While it's uncomfortable to think about worst-case scenarios, taking a few extra steps to ensure your safety can help protect you from falling victim to such a scenario yourself.

Her door jam in particular is a neat little tool, and we were interested in it. "How do you open the jam? What if u get stuck," wondered one user. "There is a button to release it. It’s quite simple. You open the door like you normally do once you push the button," explained Erie in response. Some travelers like to do a little extra: "I bring TWO door jam locks- in case I am given a room with an adjoining room door," shared @valentineami.

Frequent travelers added their own advice in the comments. "When I travel I always leave my heavy luggage against the door also," said @mynameismalcolmjohn. "Always check the mattress for bed bugs," recommended @cbrunks- bed bug infestations are a more frequent problem than break-ins, so don't skip this step! "Bear in mind the evacuation routes, just in case something bad happens," advised @gonewiththewind_32-another key bit of important advice, especially in case of a fire.

Tips like these from seasoned travelers like Erie help all of us sleep better and stay safer while we're far away from home. Safe travels!

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