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Cabin Crew Freaks Out After Finding Unexpected 'Stowaway' on Flight in Hilarious Video

Whenever you board a plane, you can't really be too sure what sorts of unexpected surprises you might encounter during the flight. Whether it's a child sitting behind you and kicking your seat or a rough ride getting from point A to point B, flying can be pretty unpredictable. As it turns out, sometimes, even the crew gets the shock of their lives.

That's exactly what happened on one recent flight that appears to be going to or leaving from Cancun, based on the airport code on the video overlay, CUN. The clip was shared on TikTok by @traveltmz, and it shows two flight attendants slowing opening the cockpit door. You'll hear the captain say, "Are you ready?" And then one of the flight attendants hesitantly says, "Yes." What happens next is just pure internet gold.

LOL! "OMG, it's a f***ing pigeon!" Totally classic, and the last thing anyone expected to see at 30,000 feet. Although, this video does beg one question. Who was shooting the footage? Was it another crew member or a passenger in the first row? Whatever the case, this is just too funny not to laugh at. The caption on the clip is perfect, too. "Pigeon tried to catch a red eye." HA!

As you can image, the comments on the video are just priceless. @Chris Mansker joked, "Did you check for its birding pass?" Another TikTok user, @Logan made a great point, saying, "Imagine being a passenger hearing the flight attendants scream like that💀." LOL. Hopefully, the crew got on the loudspeaker after the fact to fill everyone in on what went down. And @David Schwartz added, "I heard the pigeon is a big fan of Sully. Sadly he got on the wrong flight." Haha.

Unfortunately, we'll probably never know what they did with the bird for the rest of the flight after letting it out of the cockpit. But one thing's for sure, this crew has a great story to tell their grandchildren someday! 

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