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Flight Attendant Shares the Reality of Her 'Glamorous' Life and People Are Talking

Not every city can be full of excitement.

The life of a flight attendant seems like a pretty exciting one to those who love traveling. Getting to see different areas of the country and the world, meeting so many people, getting discounts to travel when you're not working — it all seems like a dream come true for people who want to see as much of the world around them as possible.

But at the same time, it's like any other job... and @sweetgirlfaithy on TikTok is showing the reality of the job in her videos. One big downside: Not every city she flies out of is glamorous, as she proves by sharing that she was stuck in El Paso, Texas for 12 hours (and she's looking pretty bored by the whole thing). 

Though some people who have visited and lived in El Paso before commented on the video, sharing their condolences for her being stuck there for so long, it seems like this video managed to strike a nerve with a lot of people who love or are local to the city. We wonder if she realized how controversial this video would be before she posted it? 

While many people suggested that she grab a margarita and some Mexican food and were happy to offer her some recommendations, others were downright mad that she'd throw shade at their city.

"Bro there’s things to do in El Paso you just gotta look, obviously not as exciting as BIG cities but come on now," one person wrote.

"El Paso is family oriented, full of culture and many scenic views. I doubt anyone will see anything if they just stay in a hotel room," another person added.

Well, then. We don't think she meant anything by this, other than to vent about one of the downsides of her job. Hopefully next time she'll get stuck somewhere a bit more exciting! 

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