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Flight Attendant Totally Shuts Down People Who Complain About Crying Babies

Get some noise-canceling headphones!

There are a lot of things that can go wrong on a flight: Lost luggage, being stuck on the tarmac for hours, delays and cancellation. Some people would add being seated near a crying baby to that list — and we're willing to bet that most of those people aren't parents. Nobody wants to listen to a baby cry while trapped in a plane (including that child's mother or father), but complaining about it is taking it a step too far.

Don't believe us? Just listen to this perspective from flight attendant @katkamalani on TikTok, who has the perfect argument for why passengers need to be more tolerant of babies who are crying while in the air. 

Her video was in response to another video that's been going viral on the app — a woman was filmed angrily shaking her head at a crying baby and loudly shushing them while flying on a plane. Understandably, the video drew a lot of ire from those who saw it, and now, a flight attendant is explaining why that was the absolute wrong reaction for that passenger to have.

"There's nothing that irritates us more as a flight attendant when people complain about babies crying," she said. 

Then, she offered the perfect solution: Those traveling who do not want to hear babies cry should bring noise-canceling headphones... and don't ask the flight attendant to move to a new seat.

"I promise you, no one else wants that baby to stop crying more than that parent," she added.

That's the truth. Parents traveling with babies and young children are often having a stressful day already — and yes, they're thinking about how their baby's crying is affecting others on the plane and stressing about that too. 

Instead, offer a smile and some patience. It really will go a long way.