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Southwest Flight Attendant Gives Surprise Shout-Out to Newly-Engaged Couple

They were so shocked!

Going on vacation or traveling somewhere new has always been a popular choice for those trying to figure out the perfect time to propose. After all, everybody wants the moment they pop the question to be a memorable one, so why not celebrate while you're already celebrating? And if you're hoping for it to come as a surprise,  the added element of being in new surroundings can help with that. 

Getting a little congratulations and extra attention after officially getting engaged doesn't hurt, either, but in the case of this video shared on TikTok by @hunterferner, one couple was caught totally off guard! A Southwest Flight attendant congratulated them after they boarded their flight, and they had the best reactions. 

This newly engaged couple was sitting in their seats when the flight attendant gave them a special shout out. "It's been brought to my attention we have a very special couple on board with us today back in row 29. Hunter and Tony, are you back there?" she said. 

They immediately slumped down into their seats after a brief freakout, but the flight attendant didn't let that stop her! She continued, "Well, we just found out they got engaged. Congratulations! We're very excited for you." 

As it turns out, the friend they were traveling with was the one who tipped the flight attendant off, and that led to plenty of applause and cheers from their fellow travelers. They might have been a little embarrassed, but the recognition had to have been nice.

Among all the congratulations in the comments were stories from people who have also been given shout outs while traveling with Southwest.

"Southwest is awesome. On my 50th birthday, they made the plane sing to me before we landed," one woman wrote.

Congrats to Hunter and Tony! Here's to a long, happy life together.