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Flight Attendant Shares Important Tips for How to Check for Bed Bugs in Hotels

Encountering bed bugs during travel is pretty much a horror story for everyone who's ever experienced it. They're itchy, they get everywhere, and if they manage to hitch a ride home with you, they can even infest your house!

TikTok user and flight attendant @cici_inthesky pretty much lives out of hotels due to her jet-setting job. Because of that, she is constantly vigilant about bed bugs. Known for making helpful videos about travel tips, Cici devoted this video to telling her followers how to check for bed bugs at their hotel or Airbnb.

We can't stress how important information like this. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure, and this is especially true of bed bugs, who can ring you up thousands of dollars in cleaning and fumigation costs if they infest your home. Taking the time to check and follow basic precautions like Cici shows us can save you a ton of suffering.

Viewers added on with their own tips and advice. "Drying in high heat is what's really important. Not the water," advised @kuh_puh. "If the room is all carpet, put luggage in the bath tub," suggested @kihnkster. "This and I always check the bedbug registry when I travel to be sure there haven't been any reports at the hotels I stay at too," said @heather2171- we can attest that the Bedbug Registry is definitely a helpful resource for travelers.

"‼️‼️As a prior housekeeper bedbugs DOOOOO live behind the wood headboard and in the creases of the never washed bed skirts ‼️" warned @earthghetto. "They get into art work on the walls too," commented @worldtraveler48. Ugh, forget it, just check everything. Heck, maybe get a hazmat suit, too- these bugs get everywhere.

It's nasty to have to think about, but it's important. By learning this stuff now, you can potentially prevent vacations from being ruined and your house from getting infested, all by staying vigilant and hygienic!