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Flight Attendant Shares 5 Things She'll Never Do While Traveling by Plane

People sharing advice in their chosen professions is becoming a trend on TikTok, with people listing all sorts of things that they'd never do, given the experiences they've had. Last week, we learned 5 things that one travel agent would not do after 20 years of vacationing. But there are many more people who are sharing tips that could help you on your next adventure. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @flightattinstructor, a flight attendant gives us a list of her 5 things she'll never do while traveling a plane. Her list is much different than the last one, but all reasons are pretty enlightening. You're going to want to listen to what she has to say, it may save your life!

Lots to unpack here. These are really great tips about safety in all aspects, from what to do during a plane emergency or just how to be hygienic while traveling. Some of the information was daunting, like the one about the liquid on the floor! EW! Some of the commenters agree that they see airplanes in a whole new light. TikTok user @con.nie66 said, "Thank you. Depressing but good to know some of these things."  Ignorance is bliss in most cases, but definitely not this one. However, some of the commenters are outraged that anyone would ignore this advice. Like user @ms.molly.dickson, who said, "WHO IN HOLY HELL WEARS NO SHOES IN THE LOO?😭" Yeah, this is a little obvious, but you never know!

Moving onto her tip about turbulence safety, some folks are chiming in with their personal experiences on why having your seatbelt buckled at all times is very important. One user, @notyourfriend1985, said, "Something I learned the hard way, if you have a window seat, have some some sort of soft thing between your head & the window. I got a concussion 😭". Yikes! Good to know!

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