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Man’s Epic Reaction to Visiting ‘Disney World’ for the First Time Is Internet Gold

Pretty much every kid dreams of going to Walt Disney World. But have you heard about “Disney Adults?” This basically refers to grown-ups who either don’t have kids but still can’t get enough of the Disney magic, or leave the kids at home to have a totally different Disney experience. 

One woman, who presumably falls into the former category, couldn’t wait to see her boyfriend’s reaction on his first trip to the see the Mouse. She shared a video of him witnessing Disney World for the first time on her TikTok page, @dom_marrecau. The clip has well over 1 million views and counting. We pretty much anticipated the look on his face when he arrived at the end of Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. But his reaction upon arriving at Animal Kingdom is nothing short of epic. Get a load of this dude.

Yassss! We love how he totally got in on the action and didn’t hesitate to hold back his excitement. Is this guy a keeper, or what? People are totally here for his fun, winning attitude. And they’re in agreement that the creator needs to hang on tight to this guy. One commenter, @stephaniepaulinomua said, “Marry him! 🤣” Another TikTok user, @StarChar echoed that sentiment, saying, “Girl, congratulations cause he’s a keeper!!! So cute!!! “ And @amywinks2020 is a little envious, asking, “This is all I’m wishing for, is that too much?” @Amanda Bae added, “He’s a cast member now, lol.” He totally is!

But it was a comment from @Buzzer that really summed it up best: “You’re never too old for the magic.” Isn’t that the truth?! We’d sure love to see some more clips of this couple’s fun Disney vacation. Something tells us they have plenty more adventures to look forward to together in the future.

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