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Woman's Video of Day One of Her First Ever Cruise Is Charming

While tons of people like going on cruises, they typically appeal more to couples and families that they do to solo travelers. Cruises are often very social experiences, and the high supplements solo travelers have to pay for a decent stateroom can make it prohibitive. However, that doesn't stop some from living out their cruise ship dreams!

TikTok user @irishclodagh is a big fan of travel, but she had never been on a cruise- until now. Recently, she went on her first ever cruise- and clearly, it's a blast!

The fun she's having is infectious, and overall this video is so charming! Clearly, this is a big bucket list item she's crossing off, and her excitement at everything she sees on board just warmed our hearts. We can see she shelled out the extra cash to get herself a decent statesroom as a solo traveler- which, if you can afford it, is the best way to go. Who wants to stay in a tiny windowless cabin if they can avoid it?

This video, incidentally, also serves as a pretty nice ship tour of the MSC Perioza. That Jazz Lounge alone is super duper swanky looking, we wouldn't mind sitting there for a spell. We're just so happy for her- she's finally living out her cruise ship dream, and she's clearly picked a great ship to do it on.

"Any tips on a good website for cruise deals?" asked @karlaelloitt1- always a good question to ask, especially for solo travelers. "I booked with @cassidytravel as they’re local for me - they had great deals and have a whole cruise team! But there’s lots of websites out there!" @irishclodagh responded.

She said in the video's description that her mission was: "Single handedly proving that cruises aren't just for couples/families and old people." We hope she's succeeding in that mission by having the time of her life during her maiden voyage aboard a cruise ship!

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