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First Ski Resort to Open for the Season in Canada Has People Pumped

As temperatures drop and the snow starts to fall up north, ski season is finally starting to take off. Popular ski resorts from all over the world are beginning to open for the year. The first ski resort to open for the season in Canada is also one of the country's most popular- the Sunshine Village Resort in Banff, Alberta.

This massive, world-renowned ski resort is known for its long season, typically staying open from November to May. On their TikTok page @banffsunshine, they shared their opening ceremony!

This is a big day for skiers, snowboarders, and winter sports enthusiasts of all kinds. Sunshine Village is one of the most renowned ski resorts in North America, and its opening marks the return of winter sports for the year. As you can see from perusing their TikTok page, the staff have been in a frenzy working to get everything up and running, no doubt driving their fans' excitement through the roof. Now that the season has officially begun, Banff is about to be bumping!

Needless to say, people are pretty jazzed about it. "Yay I can’t wait to go I just need to get my ski stuff out and I’m out," exclaimed @tiktok_azura_ll. "Me reading this and it's 18 degrees out in Ottawa. Congratulations to the operations team on a job well done," praised @preserveitorjunkit. "Boutta skip school tomorrow for this. Willing to walk from Red Deer," said @james_doucetty- now that's some dedication right there!

With over 3,300 acres of land and 120 ski runs, Banff's Sunshine Village resort is the ultimate winter getaway. If you want to hit some of the sweetest slopes in North America, this is the place to be. But don't take our word for it- if you're curious, get out there and experience it for yourself.

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