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Video of Elaborate First Class Suites on Singapore Airlines Has Us Obsessed

No matter what airline you fly with, first-class travel is always an upgrade from coach. With early boarding, more spacious seating, and other complimentary perks, a first class ticket is definitely the way to go- if you've got the budget for it!

Some high-end airlines go way above and beyond with their first-class perks, though, and Singapore Airlines is one such company. TikTok user @thepointsguy documented his recent first-class flight with Singapore Airlines, and his experience looked like a trip to a flying resort!

Now this is riding in style! When we saw them pull out the Dom Perignon right out of the gate, we knew we were in for a five-star ride! With the private suite, caviar at dinner, and even a full bed to lay out on, this has to be the absolute most luxurious flying experience we've seen from a commercial airline!

Of course, a ride as classy as this doesn't come cheap. "How much would you pay to fly like this?" @thepointsguy asks at the end of the video. Based on our research, unless you've got a *lot* of airline miles saved up, your ticket price is going to be in the five-digit range... well out of budget for most of his viewers!

So how much would you pay? "40$ take it or leave it," said @rmmb5. "I got 20$, a chipped toenail, half a bag of Lays chips, and a Chuck-E-Cheese Coin," bargained @not_edwrd. "Do they accept library cards?" asked @kendra.wheeler.

Instead, commenters shared flying experiences that were a bit more relatable to those flying on a budget. "I fly Spirit. I don't even know if the plane is going to land lol," said @usarmy_dad. "One time I cried because I got upgraded to Comfort+ on Delta," responded another user. Thee comments hit a little too close to home!

A first-class trip on Singapore Airline sounds like the plane ride of our dreams. Just call us if they ever hand out freebies! 

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