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Woman Shows What It's Like to Shower in Emirates First Class and We're in Awe

Not everyone would be brave enough to try this.

Those of us who usually fly economy know the struggle of traveling on a budget — it's not exactly the most fun thing in the world to sit all cramped up and entirely too close to your neighbor as the plane hurtles through the sky, but it's what we gotta do. Flying in first class is obviously infinitely better. Who doesn't want more leg room and better snacks? 

But as it turns out, some airlines are offering first class perks that many weren't even aware existed. And as @glambyamanda showed off on TikToks, one of those perks includes the ability to take a shower if you fly with Emirates... though feelings on the subject are definitely mixed! 

She showed off what the shower looks like, and it's an impressive amenity for a commercial airline. There seems to be plenty of room to dry off and get dressed, and toiletries and comfy PJs are even provided for you — though we'll admit the fact that travelers only get five minutes to hose off before the water turns off sounds more stressful than anything else.

We're definitely not alone in that thought. Out of more than 1,200 comments on the post, many people aren't convinced that a plane shower is a great idea. 

"I take 5 mins just getting and picking a song," one person wrote, while another who was a bit more concerned about safety shared, "What happens if they get into turbulence while you in there freshly soaped and slippery?"

Good point!

Whether or not we'd actually take advantage of the shower, it's still pretty amazing that an option like this exists in the first place. 

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