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Woman Captures Fireworks Over 'NYC' From Airplane Window and It's Pretty Spectacular

The Fourth of July just passed, and the fireworks were more extravagant than ever for 2022. And when it comes to extra special fireworks shows, The New York City Fourth of July fireworks display has been watched by millions all over the world and is truly a Big Apple treasure. And while the show is beautiful no matter where you watch it, some folks were treated to a pretty incredible view this year.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @mollymartinezm, the creator caught the show as her plane was flying over the city. Between the Empire State Building all lit up in red, white, and blue, and the fireworks going off, this scene almost doesn't look real! 

Talk about being in the right place at the right time!! This was seriously a one-in-a-million flight view. So cool and beautiful! What a treat she had that night. TikTok users are so envious, like @hopeusa0, who said, "Luckyyyyyy, this is one of my dreams 😍." That whole flight got the whole firework show with the best seats in the house!

Additionally, most people who viewed the clip are describing how this video is the pinnacle of all firework videos. Like user @willyum420, who said, "The only fireworks video allowed." LOL, we're sure this video stood out from the rest. Some continue to compare this high quality video to some of the firework videos that they usually see on this holiday, like @_prabhdeepkaur, who said, " @mehar._.kaur, this is what I wanna see instead of everyone’s singular firework in their backyard." So true! If you're going to post a fireworks video from now on, it had better measure up to this. 

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