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Stunning Photo of Fireworks Over 'Cinderella Castle' Is Just Breathtaking

This is a one-in-a-million shot.

There are two types of people who visit Disney World: Those who absolutely must see the fireworks every night of their trip, and those who jump in line for as many rides as possible while other are preoccupied by the fireworks. If you are in the first group, you know just how breathtaking that view of Cinderella Castle can be at night. For many, seeing those fireworks is a bit of a tearjerker moment.

But you don't have to be standing right in front of the castle to get a great view (or great photos). As this TikTok video from @somewareatdisney proves, you can really see the fireworks shine from behind the castle, too. 

This TikTok user is constantly posting his favorite shots of Disney that he takes himself, and this one certainly is impressive. Not only did he end up sharing a truly awesome place to watch the fireworks at night — from behind the castle, standing in Fantasyland — but he also shared one of the most gorgeous photos we've seen of the nighttime show. In his caption, he said this was his first time shooting the fireworks from that area, but it seems like it didn't let him down!

We also can't help but notice that area looks all but deserted, so it seems like a perfect place to watch the show if you aren't interested in being packed in shoulder to shoulder with other guests (or stuck in the traffic jam that always occurs as people disperse when the fireworks end). 

Plenty of people commented to vouch for this area as a great fireworks peeping location, along with their other recommendations.

"Go to the bridge by Be Our Guest! It’s a 360 firework experience… it’s so amazing!!" one person wrote.

Looks like we have a few different spots to check out during our next visit!