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Video of Fire Plane Collecting Water Over the Beach in Tenerife is Going Viral!

Most of us have seen a firetruck racing down the road, sirens blaring, trying to get to the fire and put it out ASAP. But how many of you have seen a fire PLANE in action?

Beachgoers visiting Tenerife in the Canary Islands got to see a fire plane at work up close and personal. There was a forest fire in Tenerife in late July, and naturally firefighters were utilizing fire planes to help quench the blaze. But where do the fire planes get their water? From the ocean, of course! TikTok user @yabinfranckaert caught the dramatic scene in a TikTok that has now gone viral, and its viewers are stunned.

Now that is something you don't see everyday. Fire plane typically don't fill up so close to busy beaches. However, Tenerife is a small island, and the pilot was likely in a race against time to get the forest fire under control. But don't worry, the pilot still took plenty of precautions. As user @chxrlie33 observed, "They are collecting it on the side you're not supposed to swim anyway." Even in a crisis, these firefighters are working hard to make sure everyone is safe!

Commenters showed their appreciation for the brave firefighters who helped tame the fires on Tenerife. As @juliodacosta649 commented, "They are saving lives." "Tons of respect for these pilots," said @leov4430. "The forces that want to tear your plane apart are everywhere. The water, the fire, the turbulence about the fire…" We can't even imagine. These heroes are so brave to put themselves on the line to stop natural disasters before they destroy homes, raze forests, and take lives. 

Of course, this didn't stop a few commenters from cracking jokes."They found a scuba diver in the forest 😂😂😂," joked user @skipper3853. LOL! Seriously though, be sure to show your local firefighters your appreciation- they work so hard to keep us safe every day!