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Video of the 'Fifth Avenue Suite' at the 'St. Regis' in NYC Has Us Shook

New York City, aka 'The Big Apple,' 'the City That Never Sleeps,' 'The Center of the Universe,' and the list of nicknames goes on, is no doubt one of the best cities in the world. Anything goes in NYC, and luxurious accommodations are absolutely one of the many attributes that are 'over-the-top' with personal indulgences there! The competition is fierce, and the zip codes do the talking. 

But if you aren't privy enough to stay in all of New York's fabulous hotels, we have some good news. TikTok creator @princeoftravel shared a glimpse of the incredible "Fifth Avenue Suite" located inside the St. Regis Hotel on swanky 5th Avenue. Spoiler alert: It's dreamy and seriously looks straight out of a movie! 

We can't even... you seriously get your own personal butler to attend to your every want and need! Sign us up! TikTok user @mogg59 writes, "Impeccable rooms, service, staff, met Carol Burnett in the elevator, wow, those were the days!" We guess you never know who you might be sharing an elevator with in NYC. "If you can afford it, go for it 😳," says @javiersolis7422. We have to agree that while staying somewhere like this is a bit of a wallet-buster (to say the least), it's certainly an experience you'll never forget!

NYC should be on every person in the world's bucket list if you haven't been there already. The city is just so electric, full of life, has a melting pot of humans, culture, music, art, history, the best pizza in the world, and the list goes on. It's truly what dreams are made of, and in terms of the best hotels? The iconic St. Regis is pretty tough to top.