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Mom's Video of Chaotic Ferry Experience in Greece Is a Reminder to Be Prepared

With over 200 inhabited islands, Greece is one of the best countries for ideal island-hopping. It's a big reason why ferryboats are a major form of transportation in Greece- it makes the process of moving between islands much simpler for larger crowds. And that's exactly what these ferries are- crowded!

TikTok traveler @mrsblinks is currently backpacking through Europe with her family, and since they were staying in Santorini, Greece, what better way to take in more of the beautiful country than with some island-hopping? Of course, that meant boarding a ferry with her family- and that in itself was quite the challenge!

We can only imagine how stressful it must have been trying to figure out where to go and what to do! The huge crowds of people can't have helped settle anyone's nerves, either. At the end of the day, though, their stressful and chaotic boarding/disembarking led to them discovering a whole new (to them) island- if you can tough through the rough stuff, you can get to the good part!

Greek residents and former travelers shared their experiences and sympathies. "Also did the ferry with kids and felt the same way! Santorini was the most chaotic port. Each one got easier!" sympathized @laceyweisbaum. Well, at least that's a relief- the worst is over! "I took a ferry from Italy to Athens and it was epic. Crazy wind and we were tossed around the halls of the ship," recalled "Hahahah the ferry experience in Greece is so funny! It is definitely an experience!" laughed @calliepatronis.

Not all of these stories were laughing matters, though. User @stephlstamp shared an upsetting anecdote: "In Greece once and on a ferry everyone pushed so much to get off a man broke his leg 😳." That is genuinely terrible! That's why it's good to be prepared and try to get to your ferry early, and not have to worry about rushing to get off. That way, you can avoid dangerous crowd crushes like this. As with any adventure you go on, be prepared and be safe!