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Female Pilot's Annoyance Over Being Mistaken for a Flight Attendant Is Totally Valid

To this day, women still have to overcome ton of stereotypes to be recognized in their fields. While we've made big strides over the past century, fighting for equality has always been an uphill battle- and continues to be. Even after working hard and earning their stripes, career-driven women sometimes struggle to be recognized for their accomplishments.

TikTok user @sabrinaleej is both an airline pilot and a helicopter pilot. Despite this, she often struggles with not being recognized for her rank- even at work. what world is that a flight attendant's outfit? You'd think a gate agent, who sees pilots every day as part of their work, would know the difference right away. It's a common stereotype many women have to face- for instance, women doctors being mistaken for nurses for no other reason that snap judgements based on their gender. Intentional or not, it's an internal bias we all need to work hard to overcome. We understand her annoyance- especially because, as she said, this is a "common occurrence" for her.

"With three stripes? Nah that was on purpose," zinged @ittietidolebitties. We generally like to assume the best of people, but really, that is oblivious at best. An actual flight attendant, @brennaleigh, agreed: "As a flight attendant, I’m offended for you. Unacceptable. They KNOW our uniforms."

"Ask them if they’re the janitor?" quipped @lolliwheels- LOL, at that point, it's a fitting response. "Ask them if they are new and tell them you will explain how to differentiate the uniforms so they don’t embarrass themselves again," suggested @ck_2965- honestly, this right here is the winning response!

Other career women empathized, having encountered similar scenarios working in their respective fields. "When people walk into MY law firm they ask me if I’m the receptionist…" @depuislautomne responded. "I'm the boss of a million dollar company, and one of my clients (!) said, I shouldn't be so arrogant because I was just an assistant," recalled @victoriaflemmingofficial. Good grief... 

While some people behave this way out of ignorance, others clearly do it out of spite. It should be unacceptable behavior, yet it's still so common. Nevertheless, you've gotta push through it and prove the people that would think down on you wrong. We hope Sabrina continues to shine in her career as a pilot and flaunt those stripes that she worked so hard to earn!

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