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Mom Surprising Her Kids With Their First 'Disney Cruise' Is Just Too Precious

Instead of doing the whole "presents under the tree" thing on Christmas, some families instead opt to take grand family vacations during the holiday season. These surprise vacations are often better than any physical present, especially when it's a trip to somewhere you've never been. Finding a fun way to reveal the surprise is half the fun, too!

Former Disney cast member @themagicalsparks came up with an amazing Christmas present for her kiddos- their first-ever Disney cruise! She reveals the surprise to them in this video and it's just too cute.

D'aww! This was just too precious from start to finish! Mom and Dad did a heck of a job setting up the surprise, filling up a big gift bag full of hints with the big reveal down at the bottom. The girl's happy dance really cracked us up- we've all done that happy dance before! It's clear that for her especially, this cruise is a total dream trip- like her mom said, she's been asking about one since covid. Mom and Dad made their kids' dreams come true for Christmas with an amazing family vacation- it's hard to beat that for a Christmas present!

Viewers ran to the comments to express their congratulations and admiration! "This is the best!!! I did that when I took my kids to Disney! Best gift ever!" @monishajtaylor applauded. "Awwww I’m over here excited for them," expressed @the.decks. "I love it! We are going on the Dream for a merry time soon. Wishing you a magical cruise," congratulated @dogmomtimes34567.

As far as Christmas surprises go, we think @themagicalsparks and her husband outdid themselves here. This surprise was magical enough by itself, and we know their trip will be a wonderful family memory that they'll all treasure forever. We hope they have a very Merry Christmas!

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