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Family's Vacation in Turkey Comes with an Unexpected Yet Welcome Surprise

We often bring back souvenirs from our vacations to share with friends and family that couldn't travel with us. However, sometimes we can end up bringing home something more- and that something can be far better than any old souvenir. 

When one British family went on a family vacation to Turkey, they were expecting nothing more than a relaxing good time. However, they ended up finding a whole lot more, in a touching story that they shared to their TikTok account @zezekhan123.

Aww! This story really touched us. We're suckers for stories of people rescuing stray animals, and this one was really precious to us. Stray dogs and cats are common in Turkey, especially in cities like Istanbul, and while locals are generally pretty kind to stray animals, there are still a lot of dogs and cats without a home or family to call their own. This one dog (who they ended up naming Zeze, hence the name of their account) immediately became attatched to this family, though, and they simply couldn't stand the thought of leaving her behind.

We also liked that they didn't gloss over the trickier parts of adopting an animal from overseas. Many people don't realize how difficult the process is and think they can simply bring the animal back home, without realizing that many countries require the animal to be quarantined for safety first. This requires an investment of a lot of extra time, travel, and money, and it's important that people are aware of the complexities before attempting this themselves. However, despite these hurdles, the family got through it all and were finally able to bring Zeze overseas to her forever home!

Viewers were moved by this incredibly touching story. "Awww! My family brought home a Turkish street dog in 1988. He lived until 2001. Best dog ever!" shared @dawnashworth271. We loved hearing stories from families like these who opened up their homes and hearts to give these creatures a loving forever home. We hope Zeze enjoys her new life in the UK!

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