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Woman's Journey From Canada to the Philippines to Surprise Her Family After 5 Years Is So Moving

When people emigrate halfway across the world, they often have to make a huge sacrifice in leaving behind their families. Money, time, visas, passports, and other hurdles make return trips tricky and infrequent. That's why when someone is able to make a return visit to their home country, it's often a big cause for celebration for them and their families.

After emigrating to Canada five years ago, Hani - aka on TikTok- made the epic journey back to surprise her family in the Philippines. This huge journey was too big for one video- she documented it over the course of four!

This is so incredibly moving. Traveling for 40 hours halfway across the world is a massive undertaking, but it's so worth it when you know your family is there at the end of it. We're suckers for surprise reunions, too, so there was no turning off the waterworks when she surprised her family, especially her mom and dad. We're so glad that Hani got to have this wonderful reunion with her family back home in the Philippines!

"40 hours!? No wonder when my coworkers go there, they leave for an entire month," said @sarrahjenny, astonished. "Yes. Long flight hours and lay-overs but it’s all worth it when we’re finally reunited with our family😊" Hani replied. Travel nuisances are nothing against the reward of seeing one's family again!

"I bawled at all of these videos. I’m so glad you got to see your family again after 5 years. ❤️," @mraiegrcae rejoiced with Hani. "I'm going home to hug my mum now, she lives a minute away. So happy for you!" exclaimed @jumaiava.

For those of us who live far from our parents, videos like these hit home hard. It's tough being homesick, and it's tougher when the distance between each other is so vast. That's we these reunions touch us deeply.  To anybody who's making the long journey back to revisit their childhood homes and families, we wish you good luck, safe travels, and a happy reunion!