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Video Footage of Family Taking a 'Road Trip' in the 1890s Is Pretty Incredible

Travel videos go viral all over the internet all the time. Watching how other people pack and prepare, how they navigate through the airport, what they do once they're on vacation- people are fascinated by strangers' habits, both in the ways they're similar to their own and in the ways they're different. This is especially a trip when it comes to retro videos of times decades or more past. As much as things are different, some things stay the same.

If these kinds of vintage videos interest you, we've got a real treat for you today. @alookbackintime, a TikTok account that shares restored and colorized footage of videos from the late 19th-early 20th century, shared a video taken by the Lumiere family in 1895 France.  It shows several of the family members packing a buggy and bidding farewell to the rest of the family before leaving on a journey!

The footage is well over 120 years old, but despite the fashion and technology being different, this scene is familiar to anyone who's helped their family members load up their car before they hit the road. It's weirdly nostalgic and bittersweet- these people are now long gone, but their family memories live on in this footage.

This captivating look back through time enthralled many of its viewers. "I always think about what they talked about on these rides, or how much they talked at all," wondered user @hannahw1204. "Is anyone else wondering if they pack snacks? A canteen of water? I imagine it’s a long carriage ride lol," commented @ashesofroses. Some of these observations, however, were less sentimental and more hilarious. "They could never imagine that someday, someone, somewhere will watch them leave for a family trip while on the toilet," observed user @jeeves56. LMFAO! Some peoples' minds just go there!

It just goes to show you that no matter where- or when- you go, people are pretty much the same all over, and some things never change!