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Family-Style Restaurant in Positano Looks Like a Total Hidden Gem

In any conversation or argument about the world's best cuisines, Italian food will always be a dominating force. It's become a staple in places all over the world- practically every major city around the world, no matter how far from Italy, has places you can find Italian cuisine, and here in America, pizza and pasta are everyday comfort food.

Of course, nowhere can you get more authentic Italian cuisine than back in the old country. Visitors to Italy are always looking for food recommendations to ensure they find the best examples of Italian authenticity- which brings us to today's video. TikTok user @stacksbygianna visited the small town of Positano on southern Italy's Amalfi Coast. There she visited La Tagliata, a restaurant that's on a mission to bring back "poor people food". This place takes authenticity to a whole new level!

First off, the restaurant itself looks so cozy and inviting- not pretentious and intimidating like so many high-end restaurants are. Secondly, you just know that food has to be incredible. With everything being farmed straight from their backyard, we can only imagine how fresh everything is, and the glimpses we get of the food are tantalizing. BRB, searching for cheap tickets to Italy!

Despite being a small restaurant in a small town, this hidden gem has many fans, who visited the comments to share their experiences! "Tagliata is THE best," said user @hayitstheloudons. "The best place with the sweetest people!!" user @meitalzz agreed.

"My friend got married there 3 years ago and it was EPICCCCC. Best wedding best food, pure magic!" shared @brie_pugh. And as if all this wasn't good enough, we get another welcome surprise from user @jeffersonmk0: "It’s an Airbnb too, stayed here for a week. They make every meal for you." If we stayed there, we'd have a hard time ever leaving!

From its dedicated and hardworking family to the fresh home-grown food, La Tagliata is a can't-miss culinary experience if you're near Positano. It's only an hour's drive out of Naples, so any visitors to southern Italy should try to make the visit!