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Family Traveling Europe With One Backpack Each Has People Inspired

Sometimes, less really is more.

Packing for a trip is different for everyone. While some travel light, others like to be extra, extra prepared for anything that comes up — fashion related or otherwise. Some people swear by flying with just a carry on no matter how long the trip, while others have relegated themselves to always paying those checked baggage fees. It is what it is!

But there's one family out there who's doing it differently, and they're sharing their unique experience on their TikTok account, @mrsblinks. As this family — parents and their three daughters — traveled Europe, they did it with one backpack each for their five week trip. Whoa!

"Honestly, I never thought it would be possible to backpack Europe with my kids, but if that trip taught me anything, it's that we're so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for," the Mom said in her voiceover.

We have to admit that we're impressed, especially since they're about to backpack across Europe again (this time for two months) with the same packing limits. People are super inspired by this family, and not just because they're able to pack so light — also because of what this is teaching their children in the process. 

"Kids need this! Exposure, culture and family time," one person wrote, to which Mom replied, "That’s why we do it really! We hope this will help them build empathy and become more resilient." 

If you're wondering how to do the same, the creator promised that packing videos are coming as they prep for their trip. We'll need all the tricks we can get!

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