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Woman's Spot-On Video About Reality of Sleeping on a Plane Is Just Too Funny

We've all been in that scenario when you fall asleep, and you suddenly get that feeling like you're falling and get startled awake. Usually, it's a 5-second window of just sheer confusion, wondering where you are until you eventually fall back asleep. It's especially confusing on a long flight after taking a 20-minute nap, only to wake up and find out you still have 5 more hours to go.

In a video that was shared on TikTok by @brittanyobrienn, she managed to catch a woman sleeping on a plane who had that familiar moment of confusion. Watching it unfold is just all too relatable. We can't help but feel bad for this poor girl! 

LOL! We've all felt that one before! People who viewed the clip agree that waking up startled has led them to be quite embarrassed as well. One TikTok user, @derriklevato, said, "I did that in class once but when I jumped, my hand punched the desk and scared everyone." OMG can you even imagine??? It's bad enough that you wake up out of a slumber, but to wake up to everyone staring at you is certainly the icing on the cake.

Although this situation doesn't happen every day, commenters agree that this experience is far from unique. User @randypandy07 said, "Omg, I thought I was alone! Every time I wake up on plane is like I’ve been pulled back from death and I have no idea where I am lol." The post-nap confusion is real. 

This woman might have been a bit startled and embarrassed, but if nothing else, this is a pretty funny memory that she and her friends can look back on.