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Friends Organize 'Fake' Work Conference Every Year and It's Epic

What a fun and unique tradition!

For many people who work in the corporate world, business travel is often considered a necessary evil. Sure, traveling somewhere away from home, enjoying a hotel room to yourself, catered meals, and a change of scenery can be really nice... but for some, it's a drag. After all, it's still work... and it would be way more fun if your friends were there, too.

If you've ever had that thought, you're probably going to love the creative idea that these friends on TikTok came up with. In a video shared by @alicecarrett, we get to see her friends' fake work conference that is now a yearly tradition for them, and it's making us wish we were part of their group! 

She explained that they spend the year before their fake conference preparing to make it look as much like the real thing as possible. They prepare company swag, presentations with their friend group's data, handouts printed with their fake letterhead — no detail has been forgotten here. Each friend even wears a mic when it's their turn to present! 

They even dress up in business attire (lots of suits and ties were featured in this video) and sign NDAs to make sure that their industry secrets don't leak to their competitors. And the food spread is similar to what you'd find at a work conference... including the loads of store bought baked goods that no one is ever going to eat. LOL! 

This looks like so much fun, and it looks like it's inspiring others to set up a similar tradition with their own friend groups. 

"You probably achieve more than my actual work conference," one person admitted.

We don't know how much "work" gets done, but it does look like a total blast.