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Magical Fairy Tale Castle in Germany Is Straight Out of 'Sleeping Beauty'

Doesn't everyone dream of living inside of a big, beautiful, historic castle at least once in their life? Or to be a king or queen? Well, we have found just the place for you! This gorgeous, magical, and incredible castle in Germany is dramatic and impressive. The history and stories that arose from this castle are what movies are made of. Honestly, it looks straight out of Disney! 

We can only imagine what it would be like to "live" this way, and can you believe it, all of this was for just one single person?! It sure is amazing to see things like this in real life, and it's yet another reason to love Europe. We thank TikTok creator for sharing this gem with us. 

Neuschwanstein Castle first opened to the public in 1886 after the King died. It's ironic that the King built the castle to withdraw from society, and today, over 1.4 million visit this tourist attraction yearly. Not sure he would be happy with all of us visiting his private home, but we're glad we have the chance to experience it!

TikTok user @samy_bizzle30 gives us this tidbit: "Fun fact: it was the model for the Disney castle (that one you see at the beginning from every Disney movie)." Another viewer, @dylan_ca02 tell us, "I just went 2 weeks ago and it was honestly amazing and had stunning views." "Let’s go," declares @xoleahrxo.... We agree - Let's GO!!! 

Go make your fairy tale a reality and be the King or Queen you secretly dreamed of for a day! We will all curtsey to you! Cheers!