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3 Little-Known Facts About NYC's 'Plaza Hotel' Are So Fascinating

New York City. One of the most famed and iconic destinations in the world. Home to millions of people and visited annually by millions of tourists. NYC has so much life, yesteryear and culture. It's no surprise, the hustle and bustle of this 'concrete jungle' has countless fascinating stories behind their beloved landmarks.

Check out TikTok creator @dimespaces's video clip, as he shares a bit of history you may not have known about the notorious Plaza Hotel. What's your favorite reason for loving this very special place? We'll bet it may change after learning these unique and interesting facts.

We learned that the nightly room rate in 1907 was $2.50 - can you imagine? TikTok fan @kristibergeron wondered, "I’d love to know how they got from $2.50 a night to the $3,000 a night price they quoted me a few weeks ago." Yes, we agree, isn't that crazy? Now, that's some serious inflation! But if you're going to splurge, he suggests reserving a lower floor room, as they were known to be the preferred floor/rooms.

Another TikTok user @melizzard18 asks, "I wonder who was the first woman to go in the Oak Room and how did it feel?" We'd love to know, too. She certainly had a lot of courage and confidence to be the first. Up until 1969. The Oak Room was a 'men's only' lounge/bar. In today's society, that seems unimaginable.

TikTok viewer @dlany writes, "I spent my honeymoon there in 1971." Awww, we love that. 

Since The Plaza debuted in 1907, it has remained a New York City icon hosting world leaders, dignitaries, Broadway legends, and Hollywood royalty. This NYC staple is a worldwide 'bucket list' destination for millions of people. We hope everyone has a chance to stay here once in their lifetime. You never know you who you might rub shoulders with.