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Travel Agent Shares Tip for Doing an 'Express Walkoff' on a Cruise

Most people don't realize you can do this.

A lot of what is so appealing about cruises is that they can offer a truly relaxing vacation, but all of that changes the second the cruise starts getting close to the port. The night before your cruise ends can be so stressful, trying to figure out what needs to make it into your suitcase and what needs to stay in your room before you put your luggage outside the door when you go to bed. But what if there was a way to avoid doing that altogether? 

Apparently, there is, thanks to this hot tip shared by travel agent @lesleyept on TikTok. There's a little thing called an "express walkoff," and this sounds like a way better option for people who don't want to leave their luggage in the hallway instead of enjoying that final night of the cruise to the fullest. 

Despite the fact that the cruise line will almost certainly put those luggage tags in your stateroom and encourage you to leave the luggage out by about 10 pm the night before you're due to get off the ship, you don't actually have to do it — that's just one of the routes you can take. As it turns out, you are also welcome to walk off the ship with your own bags, too — that's what's called an "express walkoff." 

Doing this can also allow you to leave the ship earlier than you would have already, so this option is ideal for travelers who have to catch an early flight or who are trying to get a head start on their plans for the day when the ship is docked.

It's not a bad idea to check with your cruise line before trying this out and to find out what the protocols are, but this sounds way easier than having to do the luggage juggle the night before.