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Woman's Joke About 'Evaluating' Plane Passengers During Boarding Is Spot-On

Tons of people have severe anxiety about flying, and each person has their own coping mechanisms to alleviate it. Some people get prescribed Xanax for flights, some put calming music on their headphones and practice controlled breathing techniques, and some people just do their own special thing.

TikTok user @kateryna.sich gets freaked out by flying. She jokes about the thought process that she uses to keep herself calm during plane trips- and honestly, we're living for it. 

LOL! This is pretty wild, but honestly, if that's what keeps you calm, go for it. She nails the weird trips that anxiety sends your brain down. You start going to weird places to reason yourself into calmness- but if it gets the job done, it's valid! Still, her evaluations seems to be based on her fellow passengers seeming friendly. We kinda wonder what would happen if she got on a plane with a lot of Dick Dastardly- lookalikes! LMAO... best not to think about that.

Other anxious flyers talked about similar coping mechanisms they use to calm themselves down while flying. While we thought her process was pretty unique, apparently many other flyers have the same thoughts. "I look at the flight attendants if they are smiling or don't look worried I calm down," shared @saeeb0609. "I do the same when I see kids and babies. I'm like, I'm safe. This plane won't crash," admitted @oscardgl. "Honestly I swear every weird thing I thought was me, but TikTok is proving that it's not. I do this all the time, especially if there's little kids," said @ladylovessonny7. 

We're here for nervous flyers doing whatever they've gotta do to relax and lower their stress levels in flight. However, we think it's always helpful to remind people that flying is by far the safest way to travel. Plane crashes are terrifying and get major coverage, but that's because they're so rare- there are thousands of car crashes around the world every single day that go uncovered in the press because they're so common. Flying is one of the safest things you can do- but if thinking positive thoughts about your fellow passengers helps you relax, so much the better.

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