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Traveler Shares 5 European Cities She Can't Wait to Revisit and We're Packing Our Bags

When people are planning their big bucket-list trip to Europe, we can usually guess the big cities that sit atop their list: obviously you've got London, Paris, and Rome, with maybe some other iconic cities like Prague, Venice, Barcelona, or Berlin. Europe is full of many beautiful, historical, and unique cities. But which ones have the best revisit-ability?

TikTok travel influencer @nikkionherway spent five whole months last year traveling around Europe. She got a good chance to explore a majority of the continent's most iconic destinations. Now, she's come back with the top five European cities she can't wait to revisit- maybe some that interest you will be on her list!

We love the selection she shared, because there's just a wonderful mix. She had some obvious ones like Barcelona and Florence, which are world-renowned for their art, culture, and history. But she also included some unlikely hits on her list as well- we would have never thought to put Ljubljana on our list of potential travel destinations before today! All in all, her selections reflect of mix of both old-world and modern cultures, gorgeous sightseeing, and attractions of all kinds.

"Croatia and Slovenia are both gorgeous and so different. I’d put Budapest up there too," added @xyzmrz. "Ljubljana is so underrated! Such a lovely, beautiful city. I absolutely loved it," chimed in @mega_blep. "I call cities like Florence and Edinburgh “magical”. They’re simply magical," @amberhawaii317 admired.

On a slight tangent, with House of the Dragon bringing George RR Martin's mythos back into the spotlight, fans may recognize Dubrovnik for another reason. "Was Game of Thrones filmed in Dubrovnik??" asked dansamliv3. "Yes! There were a lot of scenes filmed there," Nikki responded. Hey, just another reason to visit Croatia- and don't forget to pack a swimsuit to swim in the beautiful waters of the Adriatic!

All in all, we think this is a wonderfully diverse blend of beautiful European destinations to check out. Maybe some of these will find their way onto your travel bucket list- if they aren't already!