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Woman's Video of 'XXL Plane With 2000 Seats' Almost Had Us Fooled

As humans, we're constantly looking for ways to innovate things to make them bigger and better than before. Take planes, for example- when passenger jets were first introduced in the 1940's, they only held about 50-60 people at a time, but now huge double-decker jets like the Airbus A380 can seat well over 500 people at once!

We may have just learned about a novel new aircraft that blows that seating capacity out of the water, though. TikTok user @meganohaaaaa took us on a virtual tour of her ride on RyanAir's first XXL plane, which seats over 2000! Could THIS be the future of air travel? Let's find out.

Oh my gosh! We've never seen a plane like this before! Thousands of seats, a very roomy cabin...full service bar... room for CARS?! Wait a minute, something's fishy.

Turns out, "fishy" isn't that far off from what this "plane" actually is... if you haven't already guessed it, "This is a ferry 😂," clarified user @realcryptopunk in the comments. LOL, we have to admit @meganohaaaaa almost got us there for a second. This ferry is so nice and sleek, it does look almost like you're on a huge jet plane! Some people called it early though, catching the ruse from just the seats alone: "Them seats look too comfortable for Ryan Air 💀," said user @albanagro. Can't fool the seat sleuth!

As many specified in the comments, this is actually one of the many Greek ferries that shuttles people between Greece's many disparate islands. As seen on her profile, @meganohaaaaa recently went island hopping with her brothers, and it looks like she got to ride in style. This video has made us want to try the trip for ourselves! While we may not have a plane that seats 2k yet, you can at least count on a luxurious ferry experience while touring Greece.

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