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Woman Shares Mistakes She Made Traveling Europe and How to Avoid Them

When traveling to any foreign country for the first time, you're likely to make a few mistakes. It's natural- many customs and traditions are different from what you're used too, and you likely won't get everything right your first time. However, by researching and by listening to travelers who have gone there before you, you can save yourself from making big mistakes.

Travel TikTok influencer @sunday_travel has made her own share of travel mistakes. She shares what she learned while traveling in Europe to save others from making similar mistakes.

All of this is solid advice! The advice about booking your transportation ahead of time is especially sensible, as many first-time travelers to Europe find themselves without a ride- or sleeping on the floor of their ferry, as she did here. We're also always advocates of saving money by staying at good hostels and bringing carry-ons bags only- more money to spend on having fun, and less weight to haul around- literally!

With regards to the hostels, though, one commenter gave an additional piece of advice: "Avoid hostels too close to train stations, that area I'd usually dodge," recommended @gavincaddisy. Good point- those areas can get crowded, especially during major commute hours, and there's often higher incidents of crime around train stations, too. It's worth the extra few minutes' walk to stay in a better location.

Nobody's perfect, and despite your best preparations, you'll likely stumble a bit here and there- commiting a minor faux pas, fumbling a phrase in a foreign language, etc. By taking wise advice from seasoned travelers like the tips given in this video, though, you can manage to dodge the biggest mistakes and enjoy your experiences abroad!

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