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Couple's Account of Their Nightmare Trip to Europe Has Us Shaking Our Heads

Traveling isn't always smooth sailing. In fact, it's often quite an adventure, and there can be plenty of bumps in the road. We have all experienced the wonderful world of travel nuances at some point in our life. In todays climate, it seems to have become "par for the course," whether its lost luggage, delayed flights, inclement weather, or COVID-19 restrictions. We soldier on because our dream vacations are just that - dreams that become reality! 

This couple was full of excitement and anticipation. After months of planning their dream vacation to Europe, what started as an "ultimate dream trip" quickly turned into their travel nightmare. Memories of a lifetime were to be made but quickly became unbelievable bad luck every step of the way. Everything that could possibly go wrong, did go wrong! TikTok user @travelwithnerida shares this video capturing their travel nightmare diary...

Good grief! From losing her mobile phone, then being tear gassed at a concert, to then experiencing food poisoning, this couple has certainly been put through the travel wringer. TikTok user @shxnsnwjejdjdj simply stated, "Girl, you got hexed!" We also learned from the video while the couple was away, their dog at home was sadly hit by a car. Viewer @annamartina16 states, "seems like an intense journey 😳 is the dog okay?" We sure hope so!

Travel is supposed to fun. Depending on your expectations, that time can be exciting, relaxing, chill, or anything in between. But sometimes, travel goes wrong. And when it does, challenges can turn into travel horror stories. So buckle up, keep pushing forward, and continue writing chapters in your "Book of Life." Make memories of a lifetime, or sometimes a comedy of errors!