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Couple's Video of Lesser-Known 'Hidden Gem' in Europe Has Us Packing Our Bags

When people plan their bucket-list European adventure, there's a few reliable countries that nearly everyone tries to see- Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and maybe Switzerland or Spain. Europe is a diverse continent with many beautiful countries, though, including a few hidden gems you may have never even heard of.

Nestled between Spain and France is the tiny alpine country of Andorra, home to only 70,000 people. Despite its small size, it is a treasure with beautiful scenery and many surprising features and attractions to entice its visitors. The family behind the TikTok account @countingcountries hadn't heard of Andorra until recently, either, but after spending a week there, they were in love.

We were blown away by the insane mountain views everywhere they looked. For such a small country, it does not lack any grandeur or majesty. It's so full of beauty and charm, and with so many fun things for tourists to do, it looks like the perfect addition to any dream European vacation!

There is another reason why Andorra has lots of niceties for its small size. "Andorra is a tax haven, and a lot of athletes choose to live there for tax purposes and the altitude benefits," @francisco.humilde explained. Ah. We must admit we're not well read on the tax codes in the EU, but we can see why the alpine landscape would attract prominent athletes!

"Andorra you can have two holidays - skiing and summer - love them both," recommended @vacantvacancy. Oh my gosh, skiing in those mountains must be amazing. Maybe @countingcountries will revisit Andorra in the winter! Another user, @timsmith094, recommends the slopes too: "I was there in March. It was fun to go to a country that most people don’t know exists. I just skied though then went to France."

It seems that Andorra is a country for all seasons. We loved this highlight of one of Europe's many hidden gems!